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Block Countries
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Merchants can now block transactions coming from certain countries using the Country Block feature. Simply select a website (URL) and specify one or more blocked countries, and users from those countries will be declined when attempting to pay for services on the selected URL. To get started, login to the Segpay Merchant portal at:, point your mouse at the My Websites menu and select Country Block.

Block Countries

To add one or more countries to your blocked list, click the Add Country Block button and follow these steps:

1. Select the merchant associated with this website (assuming you have more than one merchant account). Notice the search box, which comes in handy if you have a long list of merchants to scroll through.

2. Select a URL (website) where consumers from the selected country(ies) will be blocked.  Select “Apply to all URLs” to block the selected country(ies) from all of your sites.

3. Choose which country(ies) you want to block. Consumers from these countries will get a generic decline message when attempting to submit their credit card payment. The message will not say specifically that their home country is blocked.

Select one or more countries in the Allowed Countries box on the left, and click the right-arrow to move your selection(s) to the Blocked Countries box on the right. Use CTRL or SHIFT to select multiple countries at once.

To move a country from the Blocked list back to the Allowed list, just select the country and click the left arrow.

Note that OFAC countries (which US companies cannot do business with) are not included in this tool, as they are blocked by default.

A couple of things to note if you added blocked countries for “all URLs”:

-The list of countries you blocked for all URLs will apply to any future URLs you add via My Websites/Add Website.

-If you want to un-block countries that were applied to all URLs, you’ll have to un-block them from all URLs at once. If you are editing one specific URL, those countries will appear in red font in the Blocked list and are only removable when you change the URL setting to: “Apply to All URLs.”

4. Click Save to add these blocked countries, or click Cancel to exit this screen and discard your selections. 

View Your Blocked Countries

After you’ve added at least one blocked country, you can see your list of blocked countries anytime by clicking My Websites/Country Block in the Merchant Portal.

If you have more than one merchant, select the merchant whose blocked countries you want to see.

If you have a long list of URLs with blocked countries, you can use the Find Website box near the top of the page. Just enter the first few letters of the website URL until it appears in the table.

If you have more than 25 URLs, you will see the first 25 on the page by default. Click the Items per Page menu below the report to increase the results per page to 50, 100 or “All” (to see all websites on one page). If you have more than one page, use the arrows to move back and forth between pages in your list.

You can sort any column in the list by clicking on the column header to sort alphabetically (or numerically). Click the column header a second time to re-sort in reverse chronological (or numerical) order.

Make Changes

As you see in the image above, two links appear to the right of each website in your list: 

  • Edit: Make changes to the list of blocked countries for that URL (see Block Countries section above).
  • Clone: Copy the same blocked country list to another one of your URLs or Merchant accounts. You’ll be taken to the Country Block Management screen with the same country list pre-populated. Simply select the URL and/or Merchant where you want the same blocked list to apply.

Please feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have about Country Block Management or anything else, by emailing [email protected].


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