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How do I refund a transaction in the Merchant Portal?
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To refund a transaction in the Merchant Portal, first point your mouse at the My Consumers menu and select Manage Consumers.

Choose one of the following search criteria to find the transaction you want to refund.

Enter your search terms and click Find Purchase.

Click View Record in the far right column next to the purchase where you want to issue a refund:

Do you want to Refund and Cancel the subscription? Click Cancel Purchase (see image below).

To refund individual transactions only, with or without cancelling the subscription, scroll down to the Initial Transaction/Subscription Details table and select the checkbox in the Reverse column for the transaction(s) you want to refund:

You will be asked to select a Reason (for cancelling or refunding). When refunding individual transactions, you also will be asked to select a Refund type - either Cancel, Expire or issue a Refund only.


Click Perform Reverse. The refund (or void) will briefly be in a pending state. When it processes, the table will update the status, as in the image below. If your refund or void is still in a pending state after 24 hours, please contact [email protected].

For more details on issuing a refund, and more, please review the Manage Consumers documentation



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