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How do I add a note to a consumer’s record in the Merchant Portal?
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First point your mouse at the My Consumers menu and select Manage Consumers.


Choose one of the following search criteria to find the purchase record you want.


Enter your search terms and click Find Purchase.

Click View Record in the far right column next to the item where you want to add a note:

Look for the Asset Notes section in the main body of the page. If there are already notes associated with the record you are viewing, they will appear in a table (see image below), showing a list of reversals (refunds/voids), cancellations or just general notes added to this record by Segpay’s call center or members of your organization. 

Click Add Note to enter a new general note to this record and click Save:*


*Internal Note Only is un-checked by default. Select this option if you want this note visible in the Merchant Portal only, for staff and Segpay’s call center. Otherwise, leave un-checked to make the note visible for the consumer when he/she logs into Segpay’s consumer portal.


For more details on Asset Notes, and more, please review the Manage Consumers documentation.


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