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Glossary of Commonly-Used Terms
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General Terms

  • 3rd Party Vendor - A service provider, apart from Segpay and the merchant, that is involved in the payment process. Merchants that process with Segpay often work with 3rd party vendors, for example NATS or MPA for affiliate management.
  • Conversion - The act of transitioning from a limited-access trial period to a full subscription. When a consumer is charged at that time, we refer to it as a conversion. Future charges are called recurring charges or rebills.
  • Gateway - Generally refers to our own Segpay Gateway product, which merchants use to manage more of the payment process on their own, versus Payment Facilitator accounts where Segpay handles most billing tasks for merchants.
  • IPNs - Stands for Instant Payment Notification. Another term for postbacks, where Segpay sends data to a merchant about a transaction that just happened.
  • Member ID/Subscription ID - Both terms are interchangeable with Purchase ID. These are unique identifiers for the purchase of a subscription-based product.
  • Opt In - When the checkbox for selecting a cross-sale offer is un-checked by default. The consumer must "opt in" to purchase the cross sale offer before submitting their payment.
  • Opt Out - When the checkbox for selecting a cross-sale offer is checked by default. The consumer must "opt out" of the cross sale by un-checking the box before submitting their payment. 
  • SEPA - Refers to direct debit (bank transfer) payments by European consumers.
  • Web Hooks - Yet another term for postbacks. See "IPNs" above.
  • XML Call - Used interchangeably with "SRS Call" to refer to a web services request made to the Segpay system, for example to generate a report, execute a customer support task, etc. 

NATS Terms

  • Ref Code - Ref code is a postback parameter used in the NATS system to identify transactions as cross-sales. Also known as Xref code.
  • TokenPlus - At Segpay we call this One Click pricing, when a consumer can purchase without having to re-enter their credit card details.
  • UpgradePlus - Used by NATS to define someone upgrading to a full subscription before their limited free trial period has ended. At Segpay, we call that an Instant Conversion.
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