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Website Compliance Guidelines
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1      Introduction

The following document provides an overview of the minimum compliance requirements for processing on Segpay. Additional changes and/or disclosure may be required on an individual site basis. For questions or clarification, please contact [email protected] or your SegPay Account Director.



To ensure speedy approval and setup of your processing codes, please ensure that your website(s) complies with these policies.




2      Domains

Domain registrations must be visible (not privacy protected) and match the name and address of the registered merchant.  Some exceptions apply.


Any additional domains, bonus sites, or free access passes, which are accessible from the sponsored merchants’ website, must be registered under the same sponsored merchant.



3      Disclosure

Website must clearly describe the services sold, terms of service, privacy policy, cost of service, methods for resolving disputes or requesting a refund, and an easy method of cancelling membership.


All Pages (Index, Tour, Pre-join, and Members Area) must include:

  • Billing Support, with an easy to find cancel link leading to
  • Terms and Conditions (including a Refund Policy)
  • Privacy Policy
  • If the website contains sexually explicit content, a link named “18 U.S.C. 2257 Record-Keeping Requirements Compliance Statement,” containing the disclosure required by 18 U.S.C. 2257.

Index page (footer) and/or Terms of Service  must include: Merchant's Registered Name and Address.


Pre-Join Pages (any webpage immediately preceding Segpay’s payment page) must include one of the following statements in a clear and conspicuous manner:


US Merchants:

    • Please visit <a href="">SEGPAY.COM</a>, our authorized sales agent.
    • Charges will appear on your credit card statement as <a href="">SEGPAY.COM*Your Descriptor</a>.

EU Merchants:

    • Please visit <a href="">SEGPAYEU.COM</a>, our authorized sales agent.
    • Charges will appear on your credit card statement as <a href="">SEGPAYEU.COM*Your Descriptor</a>.




4      Prohibited Content

There may be no content, which suggests any illegal activity. Content in violation of Segpay policies, or the policies of the credit card associations can result in significant assessments and/or the termination of your account.


The merchant is responsible for establishing controls to prevent prohibited content from being published to their website(s).


 Prohibited content includes, but is not limited:

  • Child Pornography (anyone under the age of 18)
    • This includes depicting or describing persons under the age of 18, or appearing to be under the age of 18.
    • If your website uses the word “teen,” it must be stated, in a clear and conspicuous manner, that the models are 18 or 19.
  • Forced / Non-Consensual Sexual Activity
    • Oral, anal or vaginal penetration by sex organs, object (dildo, strap-on,etc.) or fingers and includes wording or actions indicating lack of consent: rape, force, asleep, drugged, passed/blacked out, chloroformed, unconscious, hypnotized, drunk, intoxicated, inebriated, drugged, stoned sex, etc.
    • Someone who is drunk, sleeping, hypnotized, etc. cannot give consent, and is therefore classified as a violation. 
  • Bestiality
    • This includes content depicting or describing sex with animals, and acts with non-human creatures (aliens, mythological creatures, etc.).
  • Hate Crimes
  • Violence, or extreme sexual violence and/or Pain
  • Non-consensual mutilation of a person or body part
  • Blood
  • Scat, depicting or displaying human feces
  • Counterfeit or Copyright Infringing Merchandise


The above prohibitions apply to:

    • actual and suggested content;
    • cartoons and animations; and
    • links in to a registered website.  * This means that a merchant is directly responsible for the advertising practices of their affiliates from all traffic sources.



5      Advertising Restrictions

  • There may be no advertising to the effect that credit card are collected for “Age Verification” purposes. 
  • Sponsored Merchants are not permitted to collect any credit card data.
  • Websites may not contain any text restricting access to government employees or law enforcement agencies.  This implies that there is illegal content, and is strictly prohibited.
  • Websites containing user-uploaded content require special approval, and must provide a method for content owners to request that their content be taken down.
  • Traffic from Tube websites to a Sponsored Merchant website must include an intermediary landing page, which clearly discloses that the customer is entering a new website, and states the following in a clear and conspicuous manner: Your [URL] membership does not provide access to videos depicting the following: Rape/Brutality, Incest, Pedophilia, Bestiality, Necrophilia, Drugged/Incapacitated and Blood/Mutilation
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