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Cancel/Keep Retention Offers
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Did you ever wish that when consumers decide to cancel their membership you could be there to try and change their mind? SegPay offers the next best thing: creating Cancel/Keep retention offers (discounts) that are presented to consumers the moment they go to cancel. In fact, merchants who set up a Cancel/Keep offer have retained 5% of those consumers who initially wanted to cancel!

 You can create three types of Cancel/Keep Offers:

Fixed Price: Offer a new, discounted price.

Fixed Discount: Take a specific amount off of the original price.

Percentage: Take a specific percent off of the original price.

 Whether the cancellation request is made in our consumer portal, or over the phone with our support reps, you can make sure the consumer is given the option to accept your discounted offer instead.

 Create an Offer

Follow these steps to create a new Cancel/Keep offer:

1. Login to the SegPay Merchant Portal at:, point your mouse at the My Websites menu and select Cancel Keep.


2. Click Add New Cancel Keep Offer (near the top of the page).

3. Select the merchant where this retention offer will apply (assuming you have more than one). Notice the search box, which comes in handy if you have a long list of merchants to scroll through.



4. Enter a name that identifies the offer.


5. Select one of three offer types. Here are the three types, with examples to show how they work:

*As you can see in the examples above, for price points with trial periods, the discounts are applied to the recurring/rebill amounts.

6. Select the price point(s) in the “Available Offers” box where you want to apply your offer, and click the right-arrow to move them into the “Selected Offers” box. Or, select All to apply your offer to all price points. The software will check to make sure your offer works for all the price points you selected. For example, if your offer is a fixed discount of $5 off, and one of your selected price points is $2.99, an error message will display.


7. Enter the amount of your fixed price, discount or percent off (depending on your selection in step 5).

8. Select one or both of the following places to present the retention offer:

 a. Consumer Portal: when consumers cancel online in our portal – – they will see your offer and be able to accept it instead of confirming their cancellation.

 b. SegPay Call Center Agent: our agents will read your offer to consumers who ask to cancel over the phone.

9. Save your changes by clicking one of the following:

 Save and Exit: Save your changes and view your list of offers.*

 Save and Add Another: Save your changes and reload the “Add Cancel Keep Offer” form so you can begin adding the next offer.*

 Save and Clone: Save your changes and easily create a copy of the offer you just created. The “Add Cancel Keep Offer” form will reload, pre-populated with the settings you just saved. Make whatever changes you like before saving.*

 Cancel: Exit the form and discard any data you entered in the fields above.

 *After saving each offer, you will see a message confirming that the offer was saved. The offer is Active by default. You can edit the offer later, and select Inactive if you don’t want the offer to be presented just yet.

View all Offers:

Go back to My Websites/Cancel Keep to see a list of your offers at any time.

If you have more than one merchant, select the merchant whose offers you want to see. 

If you have a long list of offers, you can use the search box near the top of the page. Just enter the first few letters of the offer name until it appears in the table.

Make Changes

As you see in the image above, each of your offers has two options:

Edit: Make changes to any of the options you selected when creating your original offer (see Create an Offer section above).

Clone: Create a copy of the offer. Before saving the cloned offer, you can change any option you like. Just click Create Cancel Offer when you are finished.

Our data clearly demonstrates that retention offers work! You will keep customers who otherwise would have cancelled. We plan to add more types of retention offers in the future, and allow you to test multiple offers at once, to determine which ones perform the best. Please feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have about retention offers or anything else, by emailing [email protected].



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