Daily Revenue Report


The Daily Revenue Report shows you a summary of your transactions, along with fees and reserves held, by day (and broken out by currency type), with the net amounts due to you for each day in a date range you select.

Run a Report

Follow these steps to run the Daily Revenue report:

1. Login to the SegPay Merchant Portal at: https://mp.segpay.com. Point your mouse at the Financial Details menu and select Daily Revenue Report.

Click the Saved Reports menu if you have run this report before and want to retrieve a previously-run report (see the Saved Reports section near the end of this document for more detail). Otherwise, see step 2 below to generate a new report.

2. Select the specific merchant account(s) you want to see in the report.


3. Click the date-selector box and choose the time period you want to report on. Select Today, Yesterday, Last Week (the last completed Sunday-Saturday period), Last Month (the previous calendar month), This Month (the current calendar month), Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days or pick a Custom Range and select starting and ending dates:

4. Click Generate Report. By default, results are sorted reverse-chronologically by date (newest transactions first).

The following columns are visible in the report: 

    • Merchant ID
    • Account Name
    • Date
    • Amount: Your total revenue, from all authorized transactions on that specific date (separate columns for USD, EUR and GBP amounts, if applicable to you).
    • Fees: Total of all transaction and settlement fees applied to your transactions on that specific date.
    • Reserves Due: Total of all reserves held on the specific date (if applicable).
    • Amount Due: Total due to be paid to you (separate columns for USD, EUR and GBP, if applicable to you).

Customize Report Results

Grouped Data

To sort the list view alphabetically or numerically according to any specific column in the report, click the column header (click it again to return to the original sorting).

You can filter the data in most columns by clicking the inverted triangle icon next to the column header (see image below). Choose an option, such as “is equal to” and type the value you want to filter for. For example, “is equal to” EUR will only show rows where the value in the column you filtered is EUR.

You can group data according to any column in the report, as well. Just click on the column header(s), and drag/drop it onto the blue bar. For example you can group the report by Merchant ID, as in the following image:

Items per Page

By default, the report will display 100 results per page, maximum. Click the Items per Page menu below the report to increase the results per page to 100, 500, 1000 or “All” (to see all results on one page).


Saved Reports

You can save any report you run, so you don’t have to re-create it the next time. After running the report, click Save this Report in the top-right area of the report.  You’ll see the following window:

Click Add Report, give your saved report a name and click Save. Now, any time you click Save this Report, you’ll see your existing reports listed, with the ability to delete each saved report, or edit its name.


Note that your saved report will include the settings you selected in steps 1-6 above; if you sorted or grouped the report by any specific column(s), the saved report will not include those customizations.

Once you’ve saved a report, you can retrieve it at any time by visiting the Invoice Report page, clicking Saved Reports and selecting the report you want to see:


If you want to make changes to a saved report, just open the report, make your changes and click Save this Report. Then click Overwrite to update the report with your changes.


Export Reports to a File

You can export your reports to CSV, PDF or Excel files. Just click Download in the top-right area of the report. Then enter a file name, select a file type (CSV, PDF or XLSX) and click Save.

Note that if you select PDF, you can adjust the size of the PDF document. If, for example, you are saving a report with a large number of columns, you can select a larger paper size, with wide margins.


The report will be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer.

Please feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have about this report or anything else, by emailing Techsupport@SegPay.com.