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PayPal Integration Guide
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We're excited to partner with PayPal to bring additional value to our merchants and continue providing flexibility in payments with a name that consumers already trust.

This guide describes how to integrate PayPal into your sites with optional features to help better manage your PayPal implementation.

PayPal Configuration

To use PayPal, Segpay will need to enable PayPal for your account and at the website level. However, your packages can still be managed via the Merchant Portal.

One of the features of this new payment option, you can leverage existing credit card packages by adding PayPal as a payment option. This means merchants can use existing credit card packages and enable PayPal or just leave them accepting credit cards only.

NOTE: There is no need to create additional packages just for PayPal.



Once a website has been enabled for PayPal, you will see the PayPal is enabled indicator on the website details screen.



Within each package you will be able to enable or disable PayPal once your Segpay account has been enabled for PayPal. Enabling PayPal will allow you to present both credit card and PayPal options on the same join pages without having to create additional packages or join links.


NOTE: you can have Credit card only packages, but you are not able to have PayPal only packages.


Join Links

Since you can use the same links for both PayPal and Credit card, there is nothing to change on your existing links as both options will show once the package is enabled for PayPal. However, there is one additional parameter that you can choose to send that will default the page to either payment option if you choose to do so.


Defaulting to PayPal

For consumers who have selected to make payment with PayPal we recommend using our new join link variable, paymentoption, to have the pay page default to PayPal.



Both the credit card and PayPal option will appear on the pay page, but PayPal will be selected by default.

Allowed Payment Types Feature

One feature for Segpay’s payment pages allows you to tell the system which payment option(s) to display on the payment page and which to select as the preselected option if you want Segpay to display more than one. This will help if you are targeting some consumers for PayPal and others for Credit card. If the payment page you are using supports both payment options which yours currently does, then you won’t need custom pay pages for just one payment type or the other.


Below are some example links of the new variable, allowedpaymenttypes, and the 4 different values you can currently send to our system. As Segpay adds new payment options, this variable will be expanded to support them. You can also get this data back in the postback as allowedpaymenttypes=pp.


Shows BOTH with PayPal Selected,cc


Shows PayPal only


Shows BOTH with Credit Card Selected,pp


Shows Credit card only


One Clicks

One clicks will still work for PayPal transactions. In fact, when the octoken passed in is designated as PayPal, the one click pay page will default to that payment option. However, there is a slightly different in flows depending on the destination price point and whether it is a one-time option or recurring.


One clicking to a one-time type price point (one time, digital purchase & dynamic pricing)


For this particular transaction flow, since it is the same purchase ID being used, the consumer simply has to enter their PayPal buyer email and they will NOT be prompted to go through the full signup flow again.


One clicking to a recurring price point (recurring, instant conversion & dynamic recurring)

When the consumer is being directed to one click to a recurring option, they will have to go through the full processing as a new purchase ID and PayPal billing agreement are being created.


At this time, they can also choose to pay with a credit card if they so choose.


Instant conversion

With instant conversion, the consumer will be directed to a PayPal version of the page with no other payment option. As with credit card, they are only required to enter their email address and they will not have to go through the full PayPal process.



Postback Notification Upgrades

Going forward, Segpay’s postbacks will indicate whether the transaction was made with credit card or PayPal.

With each transaction postback, there are two variables to indicate it was a PayPal transaction, cardtype and paymenttype.

The results will display as follows:



If you are using default postback notifications where Segpay automatically appends all available variables, they will be automatically sent to you.

If you are using custom postback notifications where you specify the variables, their names and the order, then you will need to update your postbacks with the following:





All reporting has been updated with the ability to indicate whether a transaction was credit card or PayPal.

Merchant Portal

The following merchant portal reports have been updated with either the ability to search only for PayPal transactions or to filter results by PayPal or credit card based on payment type column results.

  • Transaction Detail
  • Detail Ledger Report


Transaction Detail

Advanced options were updated to include PayPal as a criteria selector under Payment Types as well as choosing whether to see the card and payment types in the results.


Advance Options


Report Results

By selecting Payment Type and Card type in the advanced options, the values for that data is returned the results.


Detail Ledger

Advanced options were updated to include PayPal as a criteria selector under Payment Types as well as choosing whether to see the card and payment types in the results

Advance Options

Report Results

By selecting Payment Type in the advanced options, the values are returned in the results.

Invoices report

PayPal transactions will be invoiced separately and can be identified in the invoices report with a Paid By of PayPal.



Chargeback Report

The Chargeback Report will let you filter on Bank to see your PayPal chargeback ratios.



Other Reports

Other reports make it easy to identify and filter your PayPal transactions by showing PayPal as the card type. This includes the Approval Rates Report, Declined Transactions Report, and Post Pay Reports.




The transactionslist reports include a value that will return PayPal for your PayPal transactions.


SRS transactionspurchasesbyURL reports have been formatted to include the USERDATA field value to help identify PayPal transactions.



Customer Service

The consumer information page has been updated to help you understand more about a consumer’s PayPal transaction. You can now do searches by PayPal Email (or partial email).


Under Consumer information, the consumer’s PayPal information such as PayPal Email used, Account Country and Agreement ID will be displayed when the payment type is designated as PayPal.


Under the transaction/subscription details, a payment type column will indicate whether the transaction was credit card or PayPal.



Getting Help

If you need help with your PayPal Integration or have suggestions for this article, please contact us at [email protected].

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