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Merchant Portal User Roles
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You can give others in your organization access to the SegPay Merchant Portal so they can help manage your account. By assigning a specific role to each user, you’ll control which areas of the merchant portal they will be able to access. This document will cover the different roles you can assign, and the access each role provides.


There are six specific roles you can assign to a user in your organization. The chart below shows the areas of the Merchant Portal (in green) that each role can access. A more detailed description of each area and role is below the chart.


This role grants full account access, including the ability to add more users (and assign roles) to your account. An Owner/Admin can access all functionality on the Merchant Portal, which includes: 

Performance Reporting: the ability to run the following reports:

  • Transaction summary report
  • Transaction detail report
  • Approval rates report
  • Declined transactions report
  • Scheduled rebills report
  • Active members report 

My Websites: the ability to add and edit the following:

  • Websites
  • Post backs
  • Price Points
  • Packages
  • Cancel/Keep (retention offers) 

Financial Details: the ability to access your financials:

  • Payout configuration – set up how, where and when SegPay pays out your funds.
  • Chargeback report
  • Invoice report
  • Detail ledger report
  • Daily revenue report
  • Statement report
  • Payout balance report
  • Reserves report 

My Consumers: the ability to access consumer and transaction data:

  • Refund/Void reasons report
  • Manage consumers – includes the ability to cancel purchases and reverse individual transactions (issue refunds or voids). 

My Account: the ability to view company information:

  • Merchant Information – includes the ability to update your company’s contact information, view your tax ID and SegPay fees.

Additional roles, with more restricted access than an Owner/Admin, are as follows:


This role provides the same access as an Owner/Admin described above, with one exception: Managers cannot access the My Account area.


This role has access to the Performance Reporting and My Consumers areas only. Users can view just about any data associated with your consumers’ transactions, as well as issue refunds.


This role has access to the Performance Reporting and Financial Details areas, so users in this role can manage your banking and payout preferences.


This role can access the Performance Reporting, Websites and My Consumers areas – essentially anything except company and payout information.

Customer Service

Limited to the My Consumers area, where users can search for specific consumers, view and cancel purchases, and refund transactions.

Please feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have about user roles or anything else, by emailing [email protected].

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