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Manage Websites
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The SegPay Merchant portal makes it easy to add and manage the website(s) where you accept payments. To get started, login to the portal at:, then point your mouse at the My Websites menu and select Websites.

Add Websites

To add a new website, just click the orange Add Website button and follow these steps:

1. Select the merchant associated with this website (assuming you have more than one merchant account). Notice the search box, which comes in handy if you have a long list of merchants to scroll through.

2. Add your basic website information: 

URL: The website address. 

Status: This is a read-only field, which defaults to Pending Compliance. When you save the new site, it is sent to SegPay’s compliance team for review. We will notify you when the site has been approved, or if we need more information. At that point you’ll see one of the following statuses:

    • Closed: Your site is inactive
    • Closed for Fraud:
    • Rebills Only
    • Pending Visa Approval (US only)
    • Visa Approved (US only)
    • Visa Declined (US only)
    • Open (EUR only):

Cash Program: Select the cash program associated with this site. If you don’t see your program in the list, you can add it by clicking Add Cash Program to the right of the field, then adding the Cash Program name, URL (don’t include http://) and selecting a vendor. Click Add Program and your new cash program will be added to the list.


3. Add your account information: 

Username: A valid username that SegPay’s compliance team can use to review your website. 

Password: Password associated with the username above. 

Note: Please keep the above username/password active in case future reviews are necessary by SegPay Compliance, or the bank. 

Access Notes: Enter any additional instructions necessary for accessing the site.

4. Add your contact information. 

Support Email: Enter the email address used for customer support inquiries related to this website (required). 

Tech Email: Enter the email address used for technical inquiries related to this website (optional). 

FAQ Link: Enter the URL of the Frequently Asked Questions page for this website (optional). 

Help Link: Enter the URL of the Help or Support page on this website (optional). 

BCC Emails: Enter an email address, and click Add BCC Email, to be blind-copied on emails sent to new signups. You can enter multiple emails by repeating this step (optional).

 5. Save your changes by clicking one of the following: 

Save and Exit: Save your changes and view your list of websites. 

Save and Add Another: Save your changes and reload the “Add website” form so you can begin adding the next site. 

Save and Clone: Save your changes and easily create a copy of the site you just created. The “Add website” form will reload, pre-populated with the settings you just saved (except Domain). Make whatever changes you like before saving. 

Cancel: Exit the “Add website” form and discard any data you entered in the fields above.

View all Websites

After you’ve created at least one website, you can see your list of websites anytime by clicking My Websites/Websites.


If you have more than one merchant, select the merchant whose sites you want to see. 

If you have a long list of websites, you can use the search box near the top of the page. Just enter the first few letters of the website URL until it appears in the table. 

If you have more than 25 websites, you will see the first 25 on the page by default. Click the Items per Page menu below the report to increase the results per page to 50, 100 or “All” (to see all websites on one page). If you have more than one page, use the arrows to move back and forth between pages in your list.

You can export your full list of websites to a CSV, PDF or Excel file. Just click the Download link in the top-right area above your list of websites, then name your file, select a file type and click Download.


The file will be saved to your computer’s Downloads folder, and will include your list of websites along with the following for each site:

  • URL
  • URL ID
  • Status in the SegPay system
  • Cash program associated with the site
  • Username and password for accessing the site
  • Access notes
  • Support email
  • Tech email
  • FAQ link
  • Help link
  • BCC email

Make Changes

As you see in the image above, two links appear to the right of each website in your list:

  • Edit: Make changes to any of the options you selected when creating the site (see Add Websites section above).
  • Clone: Create a copy of the website. See Save and Clone option in the previous section.

If you ever need help with your websites, or if you have thoughts or suggestions on this or any other SegPay feature, please contact us at [email protected].


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