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Manage Price Points
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The Segpay Merchant portal makes it easy to initially set up your price points and make changes later. To get started, login to the portal at:, then point your mouse at the My Websites menu and select Manage Price Points.

New Price Points

Click Add Price Point and follow these steps:

1. Select the merchant associated with this price point (assuming you have more than one merchant account). Notice the search box, which comes in handy if you have a long list of merchants to scroll through.

2. Add your price point information: 

Description: (Optional) Describe the price point, e.g., “delayed capture price point.” 

Type: Select the type of price point you want to add. Your options are as follows:

Note: Some price points may not be selectable or require approval from Segpay Compliance (as in the “Recurring, Additional Dynamic Pricing” example above). You can select the price point anyway and contact us at the email address listed to request approval. 

  • Recurring: Subscription-based pricing, featuring an initial period followed by automatic rebills every X days (the number of days you specify). 

  • One Time: Bill a consumer once for access over a specified time period. Enter a price and the number of days it covers. 

  • Digital Purchase: For non-subscription purchase of a specific item, such as a photo or movie download. Simply enter the price of the item.

  • Delayed Capture: Where you are offering a free trial and want to confirm that the consumer’s card has sufficient funds to cover the rebill amount at the time of signup. Enter the number of days for the free trial on the top line (see image below). Then, enter the recurring amount and number of days for automatic rebills.

  • Instant Conversion: Where you offer a limited-access trial period, and allow consumers to convert to a full membership early, without having to wait for the trial to end. The instant-conversion offer will be valid up to 12 hours before the end of the trial. 

Note: Instant Conversion pricing is subject to approval by Segpay’s Compliance team. 

First, enter your trial and recurring amounts/lengths, just as you would in a Recurring price point (see above). 

The Additional Instant Conversion Settings are as follows: 

    •  Instant Conversion Discount Price: Give your consumers an incentive to convert early by offering a discount on their subscription price. The price you enter is what they will be charged (initial and recurring) if they choose instant conversion:

    • Adjust Trial Length at Time of Conversion: Select this option to set the consumer’s re-bill date for 30 days (or the length of your recurring billing interval, if different) from the day he/she chose instant conversion. Leave it unchecked and the re-bill date will remain at 30 days from when the trial was originally supposed to end, rewarding the consumer for converting early with extra “free access.”


          • Consumer signs up Sept 1st.
          • Free trial is set to end on Sept. 10th and convert to a full membership with re-billing on the 10th of every month.
          • Instead, consumer chooses Instant Conversion on Sept. 5th and is given full membership on that date.
          • With Adjust Trial Length selected, next bill date is set for Oct. 5th (with re-billing on the 5th of every month).
          • Otherwise, next bill date remains Oct. 10th
    • Support Stand-in: Select this to run Stand-In Processing for Instant Conversion purchases. Transactions where Segpay is unable to communicate with the bank are temporarily approved – and retried up to three times every two hours – until the bank authorizes or declines the transaction, or the maximum number of retries is exceeded.

  • Dynamic Pricing: Vary your pricing for a given product or service, charging any price at signup, within a predetermined range (see image below). Dynamic Pricing is required if you use one of the many shopping cart plugins that integrate with Segpay. When consumers select multiple items at once for purchase, this ensures that they are charged the correct amount on the payment page. 

Specify the minimum and maximum amounts in your pricing range: 

  • Recurring Additional Dynamic Pricing: Vary your pricing on a daily basis for trial and subscription products. You can offer one subscription package to some consumers and a different package to others. For example, bill consumer A $3.50 for 4 days, recurring at $28.95 every 30 days; bill consumer B $5 for 7 days, recurring at $34.95 every 30 days. 

Note: To implement this option, contact Segpay Tech Support. They will work with you to define the ranges for your pricing and re-bill intervals: 

Currency: Select the base currency for the price point. If you are using Dynamic Multi-Currency (DMC), this is the basis for currency conversion (if necessary) when a consumer signs up. Your options are: US Dollars (USD), Euros (EUR) or British Pounds (GBP).

User Info Settings: Select whether consumers’ login information should be collected on Segpay’s payment page. You have the following options:

    • Do not Collect Username and Password: User logins are handled by your system, and can be passed to Segpay during signup.
    • Collect Username and Password: Segpay will manage your usernames and passwords.
    • Collect Password, Email Address as Username: Segpay will manage your passwords and will pass back email addresses as usernames. 

Please contact Segpay technical support if you choose one of the latter two options above. 

One Click Enabled: If you select this option, consumers can make additional purchases at this price point without re-entering all of their card information. Instead, they are only asked for the card's CVV. Please contact Segpay technical support if you select this option. (Not available for Delayed Capture price points). 


Single Use Promo: Make this price point a special promotional offer that can only be redeemed once by a consumer (depending on your additional settings, described below). Single Use Promos give you the flexibility to make an aggressive pricing offer, knowing you can limit how often someone can buy.


You can limit to one use per credit card (or other payment account), per email address, per username, or any combination of the three. You can also allow re-use of the promo after a certain number of days. Finally, if you have multiple websites, you can limit use of the promo to once per website, or restrict to just one use, total, across all your sites.



  • Limit one use per: (CHOOSE ONE OR MORE)
    • Credit card (or other payment type)
    • Email Address
    • Username



Choose multiple options if you want to restrict by more than one; for example, if you want to prevent someone from taking the offer a second time with a new credit card using the same email (in which case you’d select Credit card and Email address above).


  • Consumers can re-use this promo after __ days.


Leave this option blank to restrict the promo to a single use. Otherwise, enter the number of days after which the promo becomes available again. For example, if you enter 30 days, then any time a consumer redeems this promo, the same consumer may buy it again in 30 days.


  • Consumers can use this promo once per website (if you have multiple sites).

Leave this option blank to restrict the promo to a single use across all your websites (if you have more than one). If you have multiple sites, and you select the checkbox, then a consumer may redeem this promo on Site A, then again on Site B and Site C, etc. In that scenario, the same consumer would not be able to re-use the promo on sites A, B or C, but can still re-use it on any additional sites you have.


Amount Verification: Available for Dynamic price points only, this option helps fight fraud by ensuring that the consumer verifies the amount of a small charge up front by checking his or her credit card statement and entering the amount on your site before purchasing your service or product. Specify your dynamic pricing minimum and maximum amounts (please refer to our Dynamic Pricing documentation for details on setting up this price point). You will pass in the verification amount to Segpay when the consumer signs up and requests the payment page. Note: Please notify [email protected] if you select Amount Verification, so they can enable your account for pre-authorizations. This ensures that these small verification charges get voided after consumers validate themselves.

Post Pay Enabled: (Read Only) Available for Dynamic and Digital Purchase price points only, Post Pay is intended for businesses that want to limit the number of smaller purchases that can accumulate on services such as cam sites, by enabling merchants to authorize a larger amount up front – ensuring the customer has sufficient funds – then track the customer’s spending and capture all, or a partial amount of the accumulated charges. If you are interested in Post Pay, please contact Segpay technical support.


Free Trial Validation: Offer a free trial period to entice consumers to check out your service, while validating the credit card provided via a $1 pre-authorization. The $1 hold is never charged, whether the consumer takes the full membership or not. Only available for Recurring, Dynamic Recurring and Instant Conversion price points where your initial price is $0. If you don't want to validate cards for free trials, enter $0 as your initial price and un-check this option.

Note that the Transaction Detail and Detail Ledger reports will list your free trial validation transactions, with amounts of $0, when you select Advanced Options and include Free trial validation.


3. Save your changes by clicking one of the following:
Save and Exit: Save your changes and view your list of price points. 

Save and Add Another: Save your changes and reload the “Add Price Points” form to begin adding the next price point. 

Save and Clone: Save your changes and create a copy of the price point you just created. The “Add Price Points” form will reload, pre-populated with the settings you just saved. Make whatever changes you like before saving, or leave as is for an exact duplicate. 

Cancel: Exit the “Add Price Points” form and discard any data you entered in the fields above.

View all Price Points

After you’ve created at least one price point, you can see your full list of price points anytime by clicking My Websites/Manage Price Points

If you have more than one merchant, select the merchant you want to see.

If you have a long list of price points, you can use the search box near the top of the page. Just enter the first few letters of the price point description until it appears in the table.

The table includes the initial/recurring prices and lengths of billing intervals for each price point, where applicable. If you have more than 25 price points, you will see the first 25 on the page by default. Click the Items per Page menu below the report to increase the results per page to 50, 100 or “All” (see all price points on one page). If you have more than one page of results, use the arrows to move back and forth between pages.

You can download your full list of price points to a CSV, PDF or Excel file. Just click the Download link in the top-right area above your list of price points, then name your file, select a file type and click Download.

The file will be saved to your computer’s Downloads folder, and will include your list of price points along with the following data for each:

      • Price Point ID
      • Description
      • Currency
      • Price Point Type
      • Initial Price
      • Initial Length
      • Recurring Price
      • Recurring Length
      • One Click Enabled (Yes or No)
      • Collect User Info
      • Minimum Amount
      • Maximum Amount
      • Dynamic Recurring Max
      • Dynamic Recurring Min
      • Dynamic Initial Length Min
      • Dynamic Recurring Length Min
      • Dynamic Recurring Length Max

Make Changes

As you see in the image above, each of your price points has two links to the right: 

      • Edit: Change any of the options you selected when creating the price point, except for Currency (see New Price Points section above).
      • Clone: Create a copy of the price point. See Save and Clone option in the previous section. 

If you ever need help with your price points, or if you have thoughts or suggestions on this or any other Segpay feature, please contact us at [email protected].



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