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Reactivation Offers
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What are unintentional cancellations, anyway? One example is when a membership ends prematurely due to an error billing the card; another is a member actively canceling but then having a change of heart. When you set up a Reactivation offer, the consumer is given a chance to reverse the cancellation.


Create an Offer

Follow these steps to create a new Reactivation offer:

1. Login to the Segpay Merchant Portal at:, point your mouse at the My Websites menu and select Reactivation.

2. Click Add New Reactivation Offer (in the top-right area of the page).

3. Select the merchant where this reactivation offer will apply (if you have more than one). Notice the search box, which comes in handy if you have a long list of merchant accounts to scroll through.

4. Enter a name that identifies the offer.

5. In the “Available Offers” box, select the price point(s) where you want to apply your offer, and click the right-arrow to move them into the “Selected Offers” box. Or, select All and click the right-arrow to apply your offer to all price points. Only Recurring, Delayed Capture, Instant Conversion and Dynamic Recurring price points will be available to select.

If you select a Dynamic price point, you’ll see a notice that reactivation will default to the consumer’s last billing amount. Coming soon, you’ll be able to create discounts associated with reactivation offers; for dynamic pricing these discounts should be less than the low end of your dynamic price range.

6. Select one or both of the following places to present your reactivation offer(s):

 a. Consumer Portal: Consumers searching for their purchase information on Segpay’s Consumer Portal – – will see a reactivation link for memberships that were cancelled or expired. Below is an example of the Reactivation link displayed in the consumer portal.

b. Cancellation Emails: Choose this option to have a reactivation link included in the confirmation email sent to consumers after they cancel. Below is an example of the link the consumer will see in the email:


Reactivation Eligibility

Please note that Reactivation offers cannot be presented for subscriptions that:

    • were cancelled due to fraud
    • are not associated with any Reactivation offer
    • were tied to a service/website that is no longer active


7. Save your changes by clicking one of the following:

Save and Exit: Save your changes and view your list of offers.

Save and Add Another: Save your changes and reload the “Add Reactivation Offer” form so you can start adding the next offer.

Save and Clone: Save your changes and easily create a new offer with the same settings. The “Add Reactivation Offer” form will reload, pre-populated with the settings you just saved. Make whatever changes you like before saving the new offer.

Cancel: Exit the “Add Reactivation Offer” form and discard any data you entered in the fields above.

After saving each offer, you will see a message confirming that the offer was saved.  

If you selected a price point(s) that is already associated with another offer, you will see a notification, allowing you to cancel the existing offer and continue creating the new one, or leave the existing offer as is. Eventually, once the ability to add discounts is available, you will be able to create multiple reactivation offers for one specific price point.

Each offer is Active by default. You can edit an offer later, and make it Inactive if you don’t want the offer to be presented just yet.

View all Offers

Go back to My Websites/Reactivation to see a list of your offers at any time.

If you have more than one merchant, select the merchant whose offers you want to see.

If you have a long list of offers, you can use the search box near the top of the page. Start typing the offer name until it appears in the table.

Make Changes

As you see in the image above, each of your offers has two options: 

  • Edit: Make changes to any of the options you selected when creating your original offer (see Create an Offer section above).
  • Clone: Create a copy of the offer. Before saving the cloned offer, you can change any option you like.


Manually Generate Reactivation Links

In step 6 above, you can choose to have reactivation links presented automatically in the Segpay consumer portal or in the confirmation emails sent to consumers whose subscriptions were cancelled. You can also manually generate a reactivation link, at any time, if you want to send one to a recently-cancelled consumer to try and entice him or her to come back; or for your support staff to respond to a reactivation request. There are three ways to generate a reactivation link:


  • Recent Cancel/Expires Report – You can find this report under the My Consumers menu in the Merchant Portal. Run the report to see cancelled or lapsed subscriptions in your account, and you will find reactivation links for eligible memberships (See Reactivation Eligibility above).

Copying a Reactivation link in the Recent Cancel/Expires report.


  • Consumer Search – Go to Manage Consumers, also under the My Consumers menu in the Merchant Portal, to search for a specific member or subscription. When viewing the purchase record of an eligible cancelled or expired membership, you will see a reactivation link as well.


  • Segpay Reporting Services (SRS) – Retrieve a Reactivation link by making a request through SRS, and include the Purchase ID of an eligible cancelled or expired subscription.

The consumer's experience when reactivating a cancelled vs expired subscription is a little different.

Reactivating an Expired Membership

Consumers reactivating an expired subscription are taken to a payment page where they are required to enter their card data again, as though it is a new purchase (see example below). Once payment is submitted, the consumer is charged the recurring amount, and is then rebilled again every X days per the terms of the original membership.


Reactivating a Cancelled Membership

Consumers reactivating a cancelled membership will be taken to a payment page with their previous payment info pre-populated, so they can simply confirm that they want to use the same card (see example below).

Viewing a Purchase Record for a Reactivated Membership

When you search for a reactivated transaction using the Manage Consumers area, and view the purchase record, you will see the Reactivated indicator in the Subscription Details table.


See How Offers are Performing

You can see how often your reactivation offers are being accepted by checking the Retention Offers report, found under the My Websites menu in the Merchant Portal. You can also request a Reactivation Activity report using SRS, to see memberships that were reactivated during a given date range.

Segpay’s standard transaction reports, as well as postback notifications, will indicate whether a specific transaction came as the result of a reactivation.

Postback Notifications for Reactivation

Reactivation postback notifications are sent when an inactive account (expired or cancelled) is reactivated. 

Set up a reactivation postback in the Segpay Merchant Portal by visiting the My Websites menu and selecting Postbacks. Specify the URL to be requested when a Reactivation occurs, along with parameters to request any additional data you want passed back to you.

Reactivation postbacks support a limited data set:

  • Action (Default value is: Reactivation)
  • Username
  • Password
  • Purchase ID
  • Billname (Customer's first and last name)
  • Rval (Recurring amount)
  • Currencycode
  • Reactivation timestamp
  • EticketID
  • Last bill date (the last date the customer was billed for this subscription)
  • Next bill date (the next date the customer is scheduled to be billed for this subscription)
  • Any custom variables that were sent in the original transaction

See our documentation for help setting up Reactivation postback notifications.

Please feel free to let us know any thoughts or suggestions you have about reactivation offers or anything else, by emailing [email protected].

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