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FAQ: Stand-In Processing
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What is Stand-In Processing?

Stand-In processing is a feature of Segpay's transaction processing system. It's an optional process merchants can enable in their Packages to help reduce transaction losses caused by network disruptions. Network disruptions include:

  • bank is unavailable
  • network issues prevent delivery of a transaction to the bank
  • the credit card network is offline

If network issues prevent a transaction from being sent to the bank, then Segpay's Stand-In Processing Service temporarily approves the customer's purchase. When the Stand-In Service processes a transaction, the purchase status becomes Temporary Approval. In the background, the Stand-In transaction is retried up to 3 times, at 2-hour intervals, until a response is received from the bank.


For more detailed information, check out our Stand-In Processing guide.


What is the benefit of Stand-In Processing?

Stand-In Processing helps reduce transaction losses and customer friction caused by network disruptions that prevent Segpay from communicating with the bank. Enabling Stand-In is useful when the merchant's cost for providing temporary approvals and access is low. It also keeps customers from experiencing downtime and inconvenient situations where they can't pay for and access their purchases.


Can you exclude specific Price Points?

No. Stand-In cannot be enabled for Price Points. Stand-In processing is only available for Packages.


How do I enable Stand-In Processing?

When creating or editing a Package in the Segpay Merchant Portal, select StandIn Enabled on the Package tab.


What do Stand-In transactions look like in the Merchant Portal?

My Consumers in Merchant Portal shows which transactions are in Stand-In processing. If the purchase status is Temporary Approval, then the transaction is in Stand-In.


What happens when a Stand-In transaction is approved?

The Stand-In process stops when the transaction is successfully transmitted to the bank, and the bank responds with an approval. When this happens, the purchase status updates to Active or Non-Recurring.


What happens when a Stand-In transaction is declined?

The Stand-In process stops when the transaction is successfully transmitted to the bank, and the bank responds with a decline. When this happens, the transaction is voided, and notifications are sent to the merchant showing that the transaction was declined. The consumer receives a VOID email. A cancellation email is also sent to the consumer if the transaction was for a recurring subscription.


How will Postbacks look?

Postback links contain a Stand-In reference.


This table defines each of the Stand-In values found in postback links:

Postback Stand-In Values
standin= -1 Stand-In not supported
standin=0 Stand-In did not occur
standin=1 Stand-In occurred


Does Stand-In Processing affect payout?

No. Stand-In doesn’t impact payouts. Transactions are invoiced normally.


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